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COVID-19: Our Daily Rhythm

With the announcement of school closures and an increasing number of families having to self-isolate, I thought that I would share with you the daily rhythm that I am planning on following until our lives return to normal.

Why have a routine?

I believe that it is important to provide children with consistency. Having a routine help children to be grounded and to know what is happening now and what will be happening next. It also allows you to plan your day, including phone calls or meetings. Children are very used to following routines as they have one during the school year however it’s important to know and remember that you don’t have to follow your schedule to the second. Work with your children, work as a family to find a rhythm that works for you all.

Things to consider

Different families will need to consider their values and priorities when creating a routine. There are a growing number of live-streams, resources and streaming services that you will hopefully be able to use and incorporate into your rhythm. You will also need to consider your child’s age, whether they nap or not and what sort of activities they would like and you would like them to do.

With this being said, here is our proposed daily rhythm:

- Wake Up

- Play

- Make bed & tidy bedroom

- Wash (hands & face)

- Breakfast

- Get Dressed

- Brush teeth

- Learning Challenge 1

- Water & Stretch Break

- Learning Challenge 2

- Mouvement/ PE

- Chores & Wash Hands

- Lunch

- Wash Hands

- Quiet Time

- Challenge 3

- Fruit & Water

- Challenge 4

- Challenge 5

- Chores & Wash hands

- Dinner

- Play

- Bedtime Routine

About the “Challenges”

I have set 5 daily challenges for the children. Each challenge links to one of the following areas of learning: English, Maths, Science, History and Geography. I am trying to make these fun, achievable and educational. I will share more about my plans soon.

I hope that this is helpful to you!


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