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Professional Services

You lead a busy life, and I am here to alleviate some of your daily stress. I offer a variety of childcare services, so please browse the options below and get in touch with any questions.

Baby's Grasp

Maternity Nurse (Ad-Hoc)

Flexible Newborn & Postpartum Care (North East of England only)

Looking for support with your new baby but not sure on having someone around all of the time? Then this is the best option for you! 

With my ad-hoc Maternity Nurse service, you can book short and sweet blocks of time, giving you the support and guidance that you need whilst giving you space and privacy to enjoy this special time. 

Minimum booking of 4 hours in the daytime, 8 hours overnight. 

Maternity Nurse
Newborn Baby with Mom

Maternity Nurse (24/4 or 24/5)

Newborn & Postpartum Care 

Welcoming a new baby is a monumental and life changing experience, as a live-in Maternity Nurse, I support the whole family in order to make the transition easier for everyone. With a minimum booking of 10 days, I help to settle little ones, promote recovery and bonding and ensure that new parents have a positive experience. 
This service includes a 4h paid brake during which I am on call, this is in order to provide privacy to the family and enables me to rest and continue to provide the highest quality of care to you and your family.

Maternity Nurse
My Services: My Services
Children coloring

Event Nanny

Childcare for Weddings & Events

Are you getting married or know someone who is? Do you want to be able to enjoy your special day without worrying about your little one? Maybe you want to provide an event crèche so that your guests with children can attend. 

I provide 1-to-1 and overnight care for children from birth to 12 years old at events around the country. For crèche services, click the link below. 

Wedding Crèche
Group Discussion


Luxury Parenting Workshops

They say babies don’t come with a manual… but what if they did? 
Forget the mountains of baby books, why not join me for a day of hands on learning. 
During the workshops, I share tips and tricks that I have gained through my world-leading training and the past 10 years of my career. Forget stuffy halls and stale biscuits, these courses are set in the most luxurious of venues to match the level of prestige and skill that a Norland Nanny carries.

Event Crèche
My Services: My Services
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